Cor – the Latin word for heart and is the root of the word courage.

Presence – to be fully with another, to hold to the space for another to speak their heart and be heard.

Wellness: the outcome of an ongoing and active process that leads towards a positive, healthy and meaningful life.

What is Wellness?

Wellness goes beyond our physical health and is multifaceted. While we may have wellness in one aspect, we may wish to develop wellness in another element. Equally, while our physical health may be challenged, we can be supported by the other elements.

Services Provided by Corpresence

Corpresence is a specialised coaching and support service focused on assisting the development of wellness.

What coaching for wellness is not:

Wellness Coaching by Corpresence is a partnership that is aimed to support your resilience and wellbeing through presence, acknowledgement and empowerment.

Why Work With Me?

My name is Silvia de Ridder and I am the principal of Corpresence. I am a certified professional coach, and wellness and resilience practitioner. I bring a wholistic and integrative development approach to my work. I work with individuals as well as within organisations.

Each of us has a story that shapes our journey. My story is one of having physical wellness challenges since an early age. I have experienced the dilemmas of not knowing where to turn for a solution or finding a practitioner that would understand the physical as well as what was happening emotionally for me. And, I have also found ways to lead a fulfilling life by becoming aware of and addressing the other areas of wellness in my life.

I have established this service because I recognised that there are others who could benefit from having someone to support their recovery and wellness journey. I recognise that while friends and family care deeply, they are not always best placed to have us feel heard and validated for our own unique experience or support us to explore options. Equally, I also recognize in this complex world we live in, there is a place for supporting the many aspects of wellness that may be preventing us from being at our best in all aspects of our lives.

I can connect with your journey. My work is grounded in deep empathy having been in similar shoes, evidence based training, experience and wisdom.

I firmly believe that a challenge in your wellness does not define you and look forward to partnering with you to create new perspectives.

What are Others Saying?

Silvia’s approach is straightforward, no-nonsense and both systems-focussed and heart-aligned, and I most appreciated her ability to cut through bullshit and help me to do the same. Through our coaching I came to a much more durable and clear understanding of my own priorities than I’d had previously, which I came to understand were the most important basis for proceeding in my journey.

I would describe Silvia’s coaching approach as principled, personalised, evidence based, and (most of all) highly effective. I appreciate Silvia’s structured approach to disentangling complex issues and teasing out the main sticking points, which are often far from obvious at first glance.

I describe Silvia’s approach as client led – it is exploratory and participatory, rewarding and ultimately fruitful for the client. The space she creates, the facilitation and guidance provided is quite enabling and helped me to identify and prioritise challenges and opportunities for development based on where I was at a point in time both professionally and personally.

Working with Silvia was a great learning experience and I found our time together to be fulfilling, positive and enlightening.  What I appreciated most about Silvia was the emotional intelligence she applied to our sessions accompanied with her knowledge of human psychology.